Our Staff

Greg has trained his own dogs for years and attended one of the only accredited training schools in the country. He specializes in puppy training and correcting undesirable behavior in older dogs that have found new homes. He also enjoys training for tracking and scent detection. He believes that every dog can be an obedient, faithful companion if given the right attention and training.   Greg has been awarded the highest civilian award the Commonwealth of Kentucky has, The Kentucky Colonel.   Greg also consults with the Johnson County Animal Control with evalutations and assessments of dogs.  He has been featured on PetPalsTV.com  along with channel 8 news several times.  Trainer of Logan the Husky in the movie Sand Castles (2013). 

Greg attending a seminar with Camile


Erica attends a local high school and works with her dad  when available from school. Erica is one of the best natural dog handlers around and grew up with powerful breeds.   Her love of animals is continuing with classes as a veterinarian assistant along with a desire to attend National K9 in the summer of 2011 to further her education. 

Buster was adopted from the Lawrence Animal Shelter in April of 2007.  He had been crated his entire life with minimal socialization.  He helps work with excitable dogs with his calm demeanor.

Buster loves attention  He might be a mixed breed but he is 100% attention hound.

Camile is a Beauceron and joined our family Labor Day weekend of 2009.  With energy, work ethic and a fun loving attitude, Camile loves to show her skills off with flair.  She is training for scent detection and other advanced training to help use her intelligence and energy. She is a dog that works hard and plays hard.