On line help with your dog (use code AC3F75D6 for a discount):                 Sessions with Cesar

Looking to adopt a dog? Go to the:
Johnson County Animal Shelter

Great place to board your dog while you are away
Country Bound Pet Resort

Need a Veteriarian?
Greenwood Animal Clinic

Sugargrove Animal Hospital

Our favorite pet supplies stores
Pet Supplies Plus

One of our favorite pet shows                                                                           Pet Pals TV

Fantastic Homemade Treats
Bella Dog Bakery and Biscuit Company

Want to be a dog trainer?
National K-9 School for Dog Trainers

National Geographic's Dog Whisperer
Cesar Millan

Great source for getting your dog used to baby noises
Sounds of Baby CD

Another great resource to teach your dog that thunder can be ok
Thunderstorm CD for desensitizing

The American Kennel Club

United Kennel Club