The Child/Dog Connection

by Erica Hollen

As we know dogs can be used as tools to help people personalities. Can they though affect the out come of the child temperament and mind? Why not?

Growing up with dogs was an educational experience that was hidden. I had two Rottweilers who became my best friends. Being five years old and smaller than the dogs, I had to learn how to get around them. Since screaming and yelling didn’t work, another way had to be found. Through the days and many attempts I realized I had to calmly walk my way through them and let them know that even though I was five, I was still the boss.

Every emotion that runs through our mind, dogs can sense. If we are wound up, they are too. Having dogs bigger than me taught me that I had to remain calm or I was going to have a 100 pound playmate that would knock me down.
I can see how dogs affect the child’s mind and temperament. They can teach children to remain calm and that yelling and screaming will not get them their way. Not only though can they help your child's temper but they can give them a sense of friendship, letting your child know they are never alone, while also teaching them how to socialize and be polite. With a dog you can not pull their hair, hit them or such things for the dog will not tolerate it and will find a way to let you know that, sometimes in a not so gentle way, teaching us that we cannot do that.

Dogs teach us many things whether we know it or not. Sometimes, it just takes a while to notice, but they can in some ways effect what our personality is later in life by affecting us as children. Below is a picture of one of my Rottweilers, Athena.

Written By Erica Hollen (16 years old) about growing up with Rottweilers

Athena October 17th, 1999 - February 24th, 2007