Stimulating Environments

It is never too late to mentally stimulate your dog. Even older dogs will increase in brain power with interesting games and experiences. There are several good games you can play with your dog such as Hide the Treat, Hide and go seek and find the toy.

Hide the treat is exactly what it sounds like. Keep it simple at first so your dog learns what the game is about. As your dog's ability grows then increase the difficulty level to keep it challenging.

Hide and go seek is a similar game but where YOU hide and your dog has to find you. At the begining you might have to call your dog and give hints but once Fido figures out the game you will ALWAYS lose.

Find the toy can be a game that uses one of your dog's favorite toys. Tossing it out into progressively harder and harder places to find it will keep your dog interested and engaged.

These and many more different games will help your dog with mental abilities and awarness and they are just fun.

Greg Hollen