Triming Toenails

Trimming your dog’s nails is an important part of grooming your pet. Long nails can be a hazard to people, furniture and pets themselves. Some nails grown long and straight while some curve under. In either case, they can cause discomfort. Properly trimming nails takes patience and teaching the dog to allow their feet to be handled.

Professional groomer, Vicki Hollen , said, “Clipping nails can be done every two weeks and if you file the nails, You can file weekly”. One caution on trimming nails. There is an area in the nail called the quick. If you trim a nail too short it will bleed. Ask your veterinarian or your professional groomer questions you might have before attempting to trim your dogs nails. Many grooming shops offer walk-in nail trimming for a small charge also.

Take advantage of professional services to help keep your dog healthy and happy and clean.

By: Vicki Hollen, Professional Groomer, Indiana Working Dogs