Excercise, Excercise, Excercise

by Greg Hollen

Exercising your dog is one of the most important things you can do to help your pet be happy and healthy. Exercise can help alleviate stress and anxiety just as it does with people. Low energy dogs are easiest to exercise as a just a nice walk around the block once daily will give them what they need. Where problems arise is the higher energy dogs. A single walk might not be enough to satisfy their craving for physical activity.

Different activities might be in order for your on-the-go dog. Using backpacks are a good way to add to the exercise without wearing yourself out. Fetch games, if your dog likes to play, is another good way to burn off the excess energy. Treadmills and swimming can provide another outlet for the energy and keep your pet in prime health.

Families can use the tag team method of exercise, each taking turns being active with their dog. Obedience workouts not only work the body but the mind and are a great way for your dog to let off some steam. Consult with a professional trainer for help on different things to exercise your dog. is a great place to find a trainer in your area.

The importance of fulfilling your high energy dog’s desire for exercise will make for a more peaceful household and create a deeper bond between the family and their pet. As a bonus it is also good for us and helping humans burn off our excess energy and reduce our stress levels.

There are many hiking trails in our local area. From the Greenwood trail system to Eagle Creek Park on the Northwest side of Indianapolis to Fort Ben on the Northeast side. Johnson County Park in Southern Johnson County also has areas for hiking with your dog. Off leash areas give your dog a chance to burn up energy and socialize with other animals. Remember that a tired dog is a good dog and a very happy owner. So get Fido out there and go take a hike.



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