Board and Train  


14 Day Program:  Our fourteen day program is an intensive two week program designed for people with limited time to attend group or private instruction.  Owners will be required to attend the follow up lessons to help teach them what their dog is capable of and how to follow through with commands.  During this program, your dog will learn to walk on a loose leash, sit when you stop walking, sit on command, lay down on command, come when called, leave it and those behavioral issues that you’ve been having.  Included with this program is free pick up and delivery, two private lessons for follow up, electronic collar, free admission to a group class and the Indiana Working Dogs Life of the Dog Guarantee.   The cost of this program is $1195.00. 

 Advanced Training:  Indiana Working Dogs offers advanced training in a board and train format.  From Retrieval to Scent Detection, IWD can customize a program for your needs.  Commercial training (Bed Bugs, Termites, etc) available upon request.  Please contact Greg at Indiana Working Dogs for pricing. 

Indiana Working Dogs Life of the Dog Guarantee:  Indiana Working Dogs offers phone consultation, lessons and support for the entire life of the dog.  We offer this because we are positive that the training we offer is the best, most comprehensive training available.  If you experience a training problem, you can call us for a phone consultation.  While a phone consultation will usually resolve the issue, if that does not solve your problem then we offer follow up visits at your home to re-establish the training.   After a phone consultation and home visit, if the problem persists we will bring the dog back for further training at no expense to the owner.  We offer results based training and above all we want you to be happy with your dog.  The only item that will void this guarantee is not following the instruction from the trainer.   Instructions will be thorough  at the initial follow up lesson following the board and train.